Auto insurance claims management software

Cloud based end-to-end claims processing for motor insurers

Customers will be back on the road faster with our intelligent automated motor claims management solution that streamlines claims processing for insurers, assessors, repairers, and policyholders.

Auto insurance claims management software

Cloud based end-to-end claims processing for motor insurers

Transform your claims management system with Arnie

Arnie auto claim tracking software helps you manage claims more effectively with sophisticated automation and custom workflows. Users have instant access to what’s happening with every claim. Streamline auto repair claims by storing all claims information and documents in one place and connecting key stakeholders in a centralized platform.

Arnie is an intelligent claims process automation platform that includes state-of-the-art features to make processing auto insurance claims quick and simple.

Monitor claims from start to finish

Centralize all claims-related information. Find what you want with AI-powered search.

Create customised workflows

Automate manual tasks, processes and reporting. Work faster and smarter.

Manage claims and repairs in one place

Connect seamlessly with assessors and repairers. Make better claims decisions.

Does your motor claims team struggle with…

  • Managing multiple systems that don’t talk to each other, making claims handling time consuming and inefficient

  • Meeting customer expectations due to a lack of visibility over claims management processes and claim status

  • High claim volumes, especially during peak periods or after catastrophic events, straining already limited resources

  • Regulatory compliance, including meeting ever-evolving regulations, claims processing timelines, and reporting obligations

Automate your insurance claims process with Arnie

Arnie is the perfect motor insurance software solution for teams that want to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, and create higher levels of customer satisfaction. Our cloud-based insurance solution takes care of the entire claims process so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Arnie helps motor claims insurers

  • Streamline workflows, processes and document management

  • Provide real-time updates to customers about their claims
  • Scale up while maintaining service levels during catastrophic events
  • Obtain valuable insights into performance with the latest data

Learn how Arnie can supercharge your claims team

Powerful insurance claims management that improves efficiency for busy claims teams

Arnie’s motor insurance claims software empowers insurers to create operational efficiency, maintain data integrity, reduce duplicate entries and efforts with automated and custom workflows.

We get it, dealing with motor insurance claims can be tricky. That’s why we developed a cloud-based software platform that takes stress out of the equation. Arnie is here to help.

Artificial intelligence

Estimate vehicle repair costs and make accurate claims forecasts

Claims process management

Revolutionise claims processing from lodgement to settlement

Claims process automation

Reduce errors and manual tasks with customised workflows

Document management

Instant access to everything you need in one place


Improve customer satisfaction with real-time updates

Data & analytics

Make better, data driven decisions based on accurate data

Repairer network

Connect with over 14,000 registered repairers across Australia

Service provider

Simplify collaboration with assessors and repairers

Leverage the power of technology to process claims faster, cheaper and more accurately.

Insurance software with intuitive, user-friendly features

High claim volumes, increasing claim complexity, customer demand for prompt and personalized service plus the ever growing list of regulatory requirements make it critical for auto insurers to adopt technology-led claims management processes.

Arnie claims management system has a range of key features that are designed to make life simple. Our cloud based solution empowers staff and external partners to work from anywhere with any device.

Create a single integrated system that enables assessors to request quotes and assess claims remotely or on-site.

Arnie insurance claims workflow management system reduces the cost of claims tracking, cuts repair times in half and keeps you in the loop from the moment the claim is filed to the second it’s closed out.

Arnie helps motor insurance companies:

  • Connect with repairers, assessors and salvage agents on one centralized platform for streamlined claims management
  • Create operational efficiency, maintain data integrity and reduce duplicate entries
  • Improve customer satisfaction by processing claims faster and keeping customers in the loop every step of the way
  • Make better decisions with instant access to the latest repairer performance reviews and industry data
  • Tick all the boxes when it comes to security by controlling who sees and interacts with your data and advanced encryption for added data protection


The Future of Motor Claims Management and auto insurance claim automation

Recently, auto claims expert, Danni Robson was featured in our webinar on the future of motor claims management. You can watch it for free here.

Customers who rely on Arnie

“[The technology] has enabled [us] to not only become more efficient but to provide a better experience for our members by streamlining the client’s experience.”

“We have multiple streams of technology to deliver a claims experience that connects a number of pieces together, and creating high quality stakeholder management.”

“Working with Arnie provides more flexibility when working with multiple streams of technology and connecting a number of pieces together.”

“I’ve been working with the Arnie team now for just over eight years. …as time has gone, [Arnie has] clearly identified it’s capabilities as a workflow solution for our operation and the connectivity that we delivered back to our members.”

“The experience with the Arnie team has been ultra-supportive.”

“Arnie’s integration capability is a big plus. Reducing all of those repetitive click box exercises
that frontline staff had to do, which really didn’t offer too much value and delivered quite a bit of saving in administration costs.”

See Arnie in action

Arnie can supercharge your claims team

  • If you’re tired of dealing with unhappy customers, finicky information systems and inflated repair quotes, then Arnie is for you.
  • And the best part? We provide on-going support to users so they can pass on an unrivalled level of service to customers.
  • Learn how Arnie motor claims administration software can work for your organization to process claims faster, cheaper and more accurately by booking a demo.