Auto claims tracking software

Always know where a claim is in your workflow

Don’t guess – know. Knowing the state of an auto insurance claim is essential to delivering not just a satisfactory result to your customer, but limits the risk of double-handling and wastage.

Visibility from lodgement to settlement

Cloud based software for processing claims

Many motor insurers struggle to maintain visibility into the status and progress of claims. Managing manual processes and systems that don’t talk to each other can be time consuming and prone to errors.

Designed for end-to-end claims process management from lodgement to resolution, Arnie ensures you always know where a claim is in your organisation’s workflows.

Sophisticated document management

Store everything in one place

Documents are essential for initiating, processing, and resolving claims efficiently. Insurers rely on documentation to assess the validity of a claim and extent of damage, determine liability, and authorise repairs or settlements.

Arnie’s effective document management software streamlines these processes, providing a single source of truth for every document related to a claim. Securely store documentation, including photos of the damage, reports and relevant information for easy access.

Our document management system also supports regulatory compliance and efficient dispute resolution, providing a clear record of the claim, and communication exchanges, helping insurers resolve disputes more effectively and avoid compliance issues.

Improve customer experience

Timely, automated updates

Customers often experience frustration and anxiety as they await updates on the progress of their claim, regardless of whether they’ve lodged the claim online or over the phone. Delays in processing, communication gaps, and uncertainty about the outcome can compound these feelings.

Arnie empowers your team to build customer trust and satisfaction. AI powered search helps team members quickly locate an existing claim file when a customer calls. Status tracking by claim number makes it easy for operators to provide clarity on the next steps in the claims process and any actions required.

Automated updates tailored to match your business workflows keep customers in the loop each step of the way, reducing call volume and giving customers confidence in the claims process.

Keep all stakeholders updated

Seamless, effective communication

Insurance companies may deal with policyholders, claims adjusters, repairers, parts suppliers, third parties, and legal representatives to investigate, evaluate, and resolve claims.

Arnie’s intelligent access controls ensure stakeholders can access relevant information where and when it is needed. Notifications and alerts lets team members or external partners know action is required.

Integrating with more than 14,000 registered repairers, salvage yards and industry utilities, Arnie provides at-a-glance tracking of repair jobs, making it faster and easier to keep customers updated on the progress of their claim.

Arnie’s cloud-based design and multi-device interface ensures everyone has total visibility even from the road.

Make truly informed decisions

Data that works for you

Managing large volumes of data related to claims can be challenging for insurers, especially when dealing with multiple claim types, policyholders, and third-party administrators. Without robust data management systems, insurers may struggle to organize, analyze, and extract insights from claim data.

  • With Arnie claims management software, insurers gain transparency and oversight over business needs to make truly informed decisions. Create reports at each stage of the process to gain insights into lodgements, productivity, and performance.
  • Initial lodgement and notification reporting helps insurers gauge workloads and allocate resources appropriately. Reports on claims intake and processing offer transparency on the number of claims opened, closed, and pending.
  • Settlement and payment reporting including details on settlement amounts, payment dates, and payment methods can help insurers make timely and accurate payments to policyholders, third parties, and service providers, and track claim expenses.

Fast-track claims processing with Arnie

Give your business the tools it needs to create faster, more effective, claims processing workflows with Arnie’s cloud based auto insurance claims management platform. Schedule a discovery call today by contacting our friendly team to find out how we could help build the future of your company.