Cloud-based architecture

Work your way with Arnie

Never be without your tools. Arnie offers insurers the best in security and accessibility, providing a secure cloud-based environment that works where you do.

Manage auto claims in the cloud

A single point of truth

Don’t lock mission critical files on local drives or siloed networks; managing your claims in the cloud with Arnie provides a single point of truth for all professionals working across your organization.

Whether on the road, in a satellite office or working from home, Arnie’s document storage system makes it easy for everyone to find the files they need.

Operating entirely online, working with Arnie cloud-based motor insurance software minimizes the need to store hard copies of claims, reducing the need for storage space and securing your data better than ever before.

State of the art technology

Intelligent integration with other systems

Leveraging state-of-the-art encryption technology and accessible from desktops, laptops and mobile devices, Arnie is fully compliant with data protection regulations affecting Australian insurers, providing both protection and flexibility for users.

Intelligent access controls allow system administrators to tailor the privileges of individuals and departments, ensuring that they only have access to documents and files strictly relevant to their role.

APIs also allow Arnie to integrate with a range of other programs, including insurer policy systems and repairer and salvage agent quoting and invoicing software.

Multi-device functionality

Empower staff to work from anywhere

Boasting a flexible, adaptable UI to deliver a desktop-quality experience on devices of every shape and size, Arnie is a modern solution for a modern, device diverse workplace.

Built on a fully cloud-based backend, Arnie is accessible on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices running all modern operating systems, so you can use the option that best suits your needs, reducing time spent on administrative tasks and increasing employee productivity.

Work from the road, from home or from the office and guarantee your staff the same exceptional user experience everywhere with Arnie, seamlessly collaborating as one united team, wherever they are.

With limited hardware and software requirements, Arnie works where you need it, when you need it, with your staff utilizing their own devices where permitted by company policy.

Work when, where and how it suits you with Arnie

The workplace has changed – Arnie helps you change with it. Discover how easy it can be to work from the road, tying assessors, insurers and service providers together in one simple, secure, accessible platform. Contact our team for a free consultation.