Claim document management

Securely store and manage confidential documents

Incorrect file naming, different servers, multiple systems…it’s no wonder many motor insurers find it difficult to stay on top of claim-related documents. Arnie streamlines document management and creates a secure repository for critical documents, making your job easier in every way.

Get instant access to everything you need

Improve efficiency and client satisfaction

Arnie provides instant access to all the data you need, enabling assessors and repairers to view and upload images straight to the relevant claim from the road.

From the office, staff can locate everything they need for a specific case in just a few clicks. Work with a document management system that is fully compliant with industry regulations, minimizing the need for confusing paperwork and outdated systems. Improve efficiency across your team and improve client satisfaction when you choose Arnie.

With Arnie insurance document management software you can:

Attach photos, documents and documents to claims

Store all claim related documentation in a centralized place

Easily access all information relevant to you

Quickly locate documents and information using advanced search

Manage version control and multi-level access requirements

Smart, cloud-based document storage

The integrity of your records is everything

Knowing what has been said, done and promised is essential to delivering for your customers, protecting your business and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. But with so many insurers still relying on paper documents or siloed, locally-stored files, team members are often unable to locate information they need to progress a claim.

Arnie is the solution. A cloud-based and fully secured document management system designed for the insurance industry, Arnie puts everything your business knows at your fingertips.

Office staff can leverage deep AI-powered search to locate everything related to a specific case in just a few clicks.

Arnie minimizes paperwork while maximizing efficiency, making your business faster, more accurate and more effective at servicing customers.

Cut your operational costs and watch client satisfaction grow with Arnie

  • Minimize human error, document loss and manual processes
  • Convert physical records to digital records for easy access
  • Securely store and manage confidential documents
  • Improve business processes, data extraction and reporting

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Arnie can help with everything from claims tracking and repairer invoicing to document storage and more.

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