AI-driven insurance software solutions

Streamline your auto claims processes

Transform how your business works with Arnie. An innovative platform designed to help insurers manage every step of the claims process, Arnie vehicle claims management solution gives you the tools, information and efficiency needed to better serve policyholders.

A simple solution to complex challenges

Automated claims management

Increasing claims frequency and severity, changes to the repairer landscape, increased regulatory requirements, evolving customer expectations and cybersecurity challenges are just a few of the issues facing insurance companies today.

By adopting technology-led solutions such as innovative insurance software, auto insurers can change the way they manage insurance policies and claims, streamline operations, reduce costs and enhance customer experience.

With Arnie, insurance companies can effectively address these challenges while staying ahead in an ever-evolving industry.

With Arnie claims management, you can…

Log claims where you’ll find them again

Log claims with all relevant data and images to a secure, cloud-based data and document management platform and locate them in seconds with deep AI-powered search.

Track repair status without picking up the phone

Receive updates on policy holders’ vehicles in real time to minimize time spent emailing with service providers.

Request repair quotes or salvage estimates in seconds

Connect with thousands of registered repairers, salvage yards and industry utilities, select based on location and availability and know you’re getting the best solution for every claim.

Bill and pay invoices with zero clicks

Arnie’s powerful billing and claims, management system and workflow drives fully automated settlement of invoices matching approved quotes, eliminating tedious administrative work.

Arnie solutions for the motor insurance industry

Claims handlers use Arnie to get the right information at the right time. Assessors use Arnie and its mobile solutions to capture and complete vehicle assessments in the palm of their hand. Repairers use Arnie to be able to effectively work with insurers to get the job done. See below for some of Arnie’s innovative solutions.

Artificial intelligence

Many car insurers rely on manual estimates, which are time-consuming and prone to human error. AI is part of the digital transformation of the insurance industry led by insurance software companies like Arnie. Our AI Estimator uses machine learning tools and data to offer accurate repair estimates and determine the likelihood of a repair or replacement.

Claims process management

Arnie offers clear visibility from claim initiation to resolution, providing visibility you need to act with confidence and minimize the chance of costly errors. Our modern software solutions transform the car insurance claims process, enhancing operational efficiency and staff effectiveness at every stage.

Claims process automation

Claims workflow automation allows insurers to configure who does what in the claims management process, data accessibility and progression triggers, minimizing costs associated with repetitive tasks, duplication, and human error and reducing operational expenses.


Arnie’s motor insurance solutions efficiently handle tens of thousands of claims monthly, facilitating seamless communication with key stakeholders through hundreds of thousands of interface messages. Customers receive real-time updates by their channel of choice, minimizing their reliance on call center support.

Data and analytics

Leverage Arnie’s comprehensive reporting features to drive decisive, data-backed business strategies for your insurance business. Gain valuable insights into insurance products, organizational performance and vendor effectiveness. Elevate your compliance management and auditing processes with real-time, precise data.

Repairer network

With more than 14,000+ approved repair partners, we help the insurance industry get customers back on the road faster. Our extensive network allows the insurance sector to access and compare quotes from repairers nationwide, helping you make informed decisions efficiently.

Service Provider

Arnie gets drivers back on the road swiftly. Our innovative insurance management software simplifies repairs by fostering seamless teamwork among insurance companies, assessors, and repairers. Easily access crucial files and stay connected with customers through our user-friendly cloud platform.

Integration & Partners

Connect the collaborators in your claims process for a centralized view of your jobs. Avoid working in silos and empower your claims handlers, assessors and your service providers by connecting key systems and processes.

The motor insurance software solution you’re waiting for…

Arnie’s cloud based platform is perfectly positioned to help organizations and insurance professionals address the evolving challenges of the motor insurance industry.

And the best part? We provide on-going support to users so they can pass on an unrivalled level of service to customers.