Centralize your motor insurance claims recoveries and settlements

Recoveries is a complex and convoluted process to manage for many insurers and associated parties. It involves constant context switching between multiple systems, cross-referencing data points in said systems and ensuring everything is done in an allocated time frame.

Centralize your recovery process

Process automation and centralized systems

Here at Arnie, we seek to support the recovery process. We utilize process automation to reduce manual processes, saving time and resources – and centralizing processes and systems. Our Recoveries Pack Generator collates and consolidates the necessary information from your Arnie claim to send directly to a third party to proceed with recoveries and settlements, for example.

Reducing unnecessary administration puts more time in your recovery team’s day, so they can redirect their effort to more complex tasks and problem-solving, all while cutting out the frustration and boredom of repetitive administrative work.

Enjoy a more productive, engaged and positive workforce while reducing your overheads with Arnie.

Take back control of your claims process

Simplify your car insurance process with software built from the ground up for insurers. Enquire today to learn how Arnie helps firms save time and money while driving better results for your clients.