Repair process management

Track repairs in real time

Arnie solves challenges associated with car repair quoting, invoicing and tracking with a cloud-based solution that transforms the entire repair process.

Auto repair management software

Gain complete visibility over repair processes.

We understand the challenges you face. Benchmarking costs can be difficult, quotes for services can vary and staying up-to-date with the work performed can take more effort than it should.

Plus, you’re likely dealing with unhappy customers on the phone and your team may be struggling to find the information they need in the system.

With Arnie’s end-to-end repair management software you can obtain repair quotes quickly, know exactly how repairs are progressing and manage account payments in one place.

Fast-track repair quoting

Automate the selection process

Some insurers choose the competitive quoting method. Arnie supports sending repairers a request for quote, returning quotes from a range of repairers and automating the selection process based on business rules, processes, requirements and preferences.

Setting a benchmark price for work can be difficult. Quotes can vary from repairer to repairer and tracking the work performed is rarely easy. That’s why our all in one software for vehicle repairs is the perfect solution for motor insurers.

With Arnie, you can:

  • Get multiple quotes, compare prices and work with a trusted repair business from our vast network
  • Check past performance metrics and other key performance indicators to shortlist repairers
  • Improve efficiency and performance on repair jobs while saving time and costs
  • Allow assessors to do virtual assessments to estimate repair costs and keep claims moving

Real time repair tracking

We make auto claim management easy

Lack of visibility over the repair process can be frustrating for staff, repair shops and customers. Poor communication channels or delays in information sharing can result in misunderstandings, missed deadlines, and inefficiencies in the repair process.

Auto insurers can make repair requests direct from Arnie repair management software – simply accept a quote to start the process. Real time job tracking means auto repairers and technicians can update repair status on a tablet or mobile in real time so you’ll always have visibility.

Alerts notify both the insurance company and the repair shop should issues with jobs arise. All the necessary documents and images are attached to the claim for ease of reference.

Improve customer satisfaction with regular, automated status updates about the repair via their preferred communication channel.

Car parts database

Quantify and minimise costs

Insurers waste millions of labor hours manually referring back to outdated and inefficient parts lists. Put time back in your day by working with a platform that allows you to rapidly and dynamically view up-to-date prices for hundreds of thousands of components.

Know exactly what you’ll be paying every time with Arnie. The smart claims management platform, Arnie helps insurers quantify and minimize the costs associated with securing parts for repairs, helping them provide a better, faster and more affordable service to their customers.

Arnie’s seamless integration with part provider inventory management systems means insurance companies can quickly find a repairer with the required components on hand.

The benefits of automated data capture

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology

Our clients use OCR technology tools to simplify and streamline the entire claims and repair management process. Receive estimates, invoices and information directly into Arnie and automatically populate key claim and vehicle information to progress the claim.

Automated data capture enables the processing of large volumes automatically rather than manually. The benefits include:

  • Reduced working hours and cost by streamlining information processing and reducing manual data entry
  • Increased and accuracy by reducing manual data entry and leveraging machine-learning
  • Scalability of operations by automating data capture and repair tracking
  • Improve and manage repair business and third-party relationships, data processing and reporting

Arnie’s OCR technology paves the way for future self-service that instantly improves the user experience.


Arnie’s OCR digitises the insurance industry

Insurers have an enormous number of documents to manage, store and execute manually each day. Arnie’s OCR digitizes the insurance industry and reduces the amount of manual claim processing by recognizing and transforming information digitally. Read more on how Arnie’s OCR digitizes the insurance industry in the paper below.

Repairer invoicing

Simplify your accounts with Arnie

Manage your accounts and process payments in one single, convenient step with Arnie. Integrating with most invoicing systems used by repairers and salvage agents, Arnie makes it easy for businesses to request quotes, and settle accounts from an expanded network of service providers.

A centralized document storage management system keeps all relevant information – including invoices – attached to the relevant claim. Intelligent automation features allow invoices to be settled instantly where they match a provided quote against a claim, streamlining your accounts payable and improving your relationships with service providers.

Repairers who invoice in batches can select the jobs which qualify for batch payments, create and submit the batch directly within Arnie the software. They will also be notified if any amendments are required to the batch and when the batch is authorized.

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Car repair tracking is important if you want your customers to be back on the road as quickly as possible. With accurate, real-time information, your team can monitor auto claims efficiently and deliver the best level of service.

Want to find out more about what our repair management software can do for your motor insurance business? Contact our friendly team and book a demo today.

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