Arnie Repairer Network

14,000+ repairers across Australia

When you use Arnie’s comprehensive motor claims management software, you’ll have access to our extensive partner repairer network. With over 14,000 repairers, we’re here to help you get your customers back on the road sooner.

The repairer connections you need

Fast quotes for faster claims

There’s nothing worse than calling around to multiple repairers to source a quote for a claim that was filed weeks ago. We get it – time is of the essence, and you need that quote now. Satisfied customers are the core of the business, after all.

But you also need the right quote – will it cover everything that needs to be repaired? Is it a reasonable quote for the customer? Does it meet the industry benchmark for high quality repairs?

Our extensive approved repairer network makes it easy for you to get the information you need, when you need it. Quickly compare quotes across thousands of approved repairers nationwide using our repairer network to help you make faster decisions.

Motor claims management made easy

Make informed decisions

By tapping into our comprehensive database of repairers, motor insurers gain access to a diverse range of accredited professionals across the country. Whether your policyholders find themselves in urban or regional areas, our network ensures quality repair services are always within reach.

In addition to convenience and quality, Arnie empowers motor insurers with invaluable insights into repairer performance and efficiency. Through detailed analytics and reporting features, insurers gain visibility into repairer performance metrics such as turnaround time, customer satisfaction ratings, and cost-effectiveness.

Armed with this data-driven intelligence, insurers can make informed decisions to select the right partner repairers for each job, optimize their claims management processes and enhance overall service delivery.

Quick comparison

Select the right repairer for every job

With over 14,000 registered repairers across Australia on the Arnie database, you can easily connect with any repairer listed through our platform. Arnie also integrates with repairer quoting and bodyshop management software packages so you can always stay on track with repair work.

Define specific criteria and requirements for repairer selection based on your unique preferences and priorities. Easily search by suburb or repairer name. Choose the right repairer to deliver high quality repairs by accessing past performance, cost and other ratings.

Our comprehensive management system makes it easy to request multiple quotes to make a decision. Invite repairers access to our invoice factoring service to commence repairs.

Seamless collaboration

For a smooth and efficient repair process

Arnie facilitates transparent communication between insurers and repairers throughout the repair process. Connect with approved repairers on authorized repairs to give them access to all the information and documents they need.

Insurers can communicate expectations, provide updates, and address any issues in real-time, ensuring a smooth and efficient repair experience for all parties involved.

With convenient real-time repair tracking through Arnie, you can give your customers an indication of when they’ll be back on the road.

Evaluate repairer performance

Standardise repair KPIs

From turnaround time and repair quality to customer satisfaction ratings and cost-effectiveness, insurers can track and analyse key performance indicators to evaluate repairer performance objectively.

Use this data to build a network of approved partner repairers that meet your organisational requirements and standards.

Take back control of your repairer selection

Simplify your motor claims management processes with software built from the ground up for insurers, assessors, repairers and their customers. Enquire today.