Insurance claims process automation

Intelligent workflows streamline claims processing

Built with powerful automation features, Arnie streamlines motor insurance claims processing, providing an end-to-end solution for the insurance industry that reduces administration time and maximises potential for quality customer service.

Insurance automation solutions

Boost efficiency and reduce costs

Manual processes cost insurers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Double entry of claims data and back and forth communications waste time, compromise data integrity and leave everyone in the dark about what’s happening with a claim.

With intelligent automation, your business can save money otherwise lost to manual data entry, repetitive tasks, manual claims processing and human error, all while protecting data integrity and accuracy.

Arnie automates a series of highly customizable workflows enabling insurers to configure exactly who needs to be involved at each step of the process, what information they’re allowed to access and the required trigger for progression.

Preemptive flags for potential errors and problems in claims processing help insurers catch and address issues before they impact client service delivery.

How insurance automation works

  • 1
    Create customized workflows
  • 2
    Initiate claims
  • 3
    Request quotes
  • 4
    Automate job authorizations
  • 5
    Store claim documentation
  • 6
    Track job progress
  • 7
    Update customers

Eliminate insurance claim paperwork

Switch to a paperless system

Arnie automated claims processing eliminates paperwork and frees up precious storage (or desktop) space for insurers and their assessors, repairers and salvage agents. Workflows automatically trigger requests for documentation, alerting all relevant parties.

Intelligent document processing means hard copies are automatically scanned, attached to work orders, so no paperwork can go missing or be entered twice. This makes auditing easier, and reduces administration costs for all parties.

Claims processing automation

Streamline claims management

Arnie automates repair service provider engagement from online quotes to final invoicing, streamlining claims processing, boosting supply chain efficiency, and cutting assessment, labor, and repair costs.

Repair work orders can be allocated based on supplier performance and cost, adapting to each state’s preferred processes for managing repairs. For total loss claims, the claims automation function sends notifications to the proper contact at salvage companies and transport authorities.

Make your supply chain more productive

One network for all operators

Because everyone in the repair process is linked into the same network, transactions are seamless and efficient. When assessors or administrative staff are ill or away, other team members can step in and take over, ensuring the repair process isn’t held up.

Repairers can quickly communicate variations to repair jobs and secure an immediate go-ahead. Assessors and repairers can upload photographs of auto accidents in rural areas, so assessors can make their assessments remotely, enabling them to manage a much larger workload.

The benefits of automated custom workflows

More claims processed and happier customers

Fully customizable to your needs, Arnie can be configured to handle even the most complex workflows, intelligently and automatically alerting stakeholders and customers as required throughout the process. Arnie is highly flexible, with thousands of users managing end-to-end claims processes.

Configurable claims management capabilities enable both standard and non-standard claims. Built for modern, global businesses, Arnie’s automated workflows are easily configured to conform to each jurisdiction’s preferred processes for managing repairs

It takes a team to deliver expert customer service. Our custom workflows streamline service provider engagement, analyzing online repair quotations and repair methods, driving efficiencies and improving data integrity. The result? Less stressed staff, more claims processed and happier customers.

Improve policy holder experience

Real-time customer updates

By cutting costs without compromising efficiency or transparency into the claims process, insurers stay competitive and improve their customer experience.

Automating processes ensures operators can quickly determine whether to repair or replace a vehicle, how long repairs will take and update customers in real time.

Close-out surveys yield valuable customer insights into the insurance claim process while providing them with the opportunity to become involved.

Boost efficiency by automating your auto repair claims processes:

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Minimise duplicate efforts
  • Simplify workflows

  • Stay informed

Automating claims processing for improved workload management

With Arnie’s advanced and automation solution capabilities, insurance companies can improve operational efficiency, and deliver exceptional service to policyholders while effectively managing workloads across their business operations.

Assessment booking calendar

From repairers to assessors or vice versa, Arnie simplifies the assessment booking process, ensuring seamless coordination and scheduling of assessments to your team’s capacity and utilizing partners for outsourcing or overflow.

Auto-allocation of jobs

Arnie’s intelligent claims processing system assigns jobs to repairers or assessors based on various factors such as expertise, availability, and workload, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing delays processing claims.

Catastrophic (CAT) event management

During CAT events, Arnie provides robust management tools to efficiently handle large volumes of claims. Workflow reports show how many claims are in the system and at what stage, making it easier to allocate resources.

Delegated authority limits and allocations

Arnie enables insurers to define and enforce delegated authority limits, ensuring that claims are processed within specified thresholds and escalating higher-value claims for appropriate review and approval.

Workload management

Arnie’s customizable worklists empower users to organize and prioritize tasks effectively, providing visibility into pending, in-progress, and completed activities for better productivity and performance tracking.

Zone mapping

Arnie facilitates zone mapping, allowing insurers to assign claims to specific regions or territories based on predefined criteria such as proximity to repair facilities or adjuster coverage areas, optimising efficiency and reducing response times.

Put more hours in your day with Arnie

Eliminate repetitive administrative tasks and cut double-handling in half with Arnie’s powerful claims processing automation features. Enquire today to learn more about how Arnie can transform your motor vehicle insurance company. Or get in touch with our friendly team to book a demo.