Customers who rely on Arnie

“[The technology] has enabled [us] to not only become more efficient but to provide a better experience for our members by streamlining the client’s experience.”

“We have multiple streams of technology to deliver a claims experience that connects a number of pieces together, and creating high quality stakeholder management.”

“Working with Arnie provides more flexibility when working with multiple streams of technology and connecting a number of pieces together.”

“I’ve been working with the Arnie team now for just over eight years. …as time has gone, [Arnie has] clearly identified it’s capabilities as a workflow solution for our operation and the connectivity that we delivered back to our members.”

“The experience with the Arnie team has been ultra-supportive.”

“Arnie’s integration capability is a big plus. Reducing all of those repetitive click box exercises
that frontline staff had to do, which really didn’t offer too much value and delivered quite a bit of saving in administration costs.”