Three reasons for insurers to move to paperless vehicle insurance claims

Vehicle insurers are increasingly seeing the impact of technology on their operations, with many now investing in services that can streamline their performance across the board. Just one of these services is Arnie from Yarris, which offers an innovative cloud-based service for companies that aren’t otherwise realizing these benefits. Alongside an improved claims process and transparency surrounding any quoted costs, one of the core benefits of panel management services like Arnie is the ability to manage vehicle claims through a paperless system. To help vehicle insurers, here are three of the core benefits that come from paperless vehicle claims processing.

1) Reduced human error

The specifics of a vehicle insurance claim are incredibly important for processing an accident, which makes minimizing the potential for human error an important part of improving the overall claims process.

Beyond reducing errors within the claims process, paperless document handling can also reduce the chances of information being misplaced or lost due to human mistake. A cloud-based platform also means that organizations aren’t reliant on local servers, further enhancing the safety of these documents.

2) Improved claims processing

Vehicle insurers face a number of challenges, from the long distances that are often involved in visiting and assessing a claim to the numerous potential stages of repair.

Facing these obstacles, it is important that claims can be processed efficiently within an organization. A paperless system means that documentation filled out at a crash scene can be instantly logged, with every step of the process updated automatically.

3) Configurable workflow

Every organization has specific processes that staff have to follow in order to maintain compliance. Under a paperless system, these workflows can be configured to match the needs of an enterprise.

Once these systems are in place, it becomes much easier for organizations to manage the different processes they are required to meet. This also assists with maintaining regulatory compliance and internal workflow across the board. With so many benefits from paperless document processing, vehicle insurers should certainly consider utilizing a cloud-based service like Arnie.

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