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The future is here! Recently I explored the concept of ‘Digital Transformation’ and ‘Innovation’ with a panel of industry experts. The outcome for me that truly resonated was that this is simply just the way we do business now, rather than being a technology transformation or change.

We often do business in t-shirts on our mobile phones and tablets rather than behind a hard-wired computer desk in a white- or blue-collar shirt. Some workplaces do not have the luxury of being able to work from home or remotely full-time, and those industries include automotive assessing and repair.

Our insurers have a combination of both internal assessing teams and external assessing partners whose purpose is to provide expert knowledge and assessments of vehicles following an incident resulting in a potential claim. Assessors have been desktop assessing virtually for several years now, thanks to the rapid advancement prompted by the global pandemic and the need for socially distancing. This change was also supported by developments in technology which enable insurers and assessors to relinquish control, and trust the technology which enables them.

We’ve been working closely with insurers, assessors and repair experts who contributed to the planning and prioritization of our Arnie roadmap. Our roadmap heavily focuses on process automation to free up assessors and claims handlers to work on complex tasks. We also realize there’s a major shift in the way B2B solutions are expected to be user-friendly and aesthetically appealing, no different to a customer-facing digital solution.

With this in mind, we are incredibly proud and excited to announce the upcoming launch of Arnie’s mobile app. The first phase of the app offers our insurance assessors the following benefits:

  • Cloud-based, mobile responsible web application which they can access on most devices and browsers, including iPhone, Android, Safari, iOS, and Microsoft Surface
  • A configurable daily dashboard for users to view their allocated worklists and assessments for greater planning, productivity, and transparency
  • Simple image and information capture on-site to reduce the amount of processing required when returning to the office, freeing up more time to complete assessments and less administration focus
  • Optical character recognition to look up a claim by capturing an image of the registration plate, or transposing the registration number and or VIN to the claim, saving the hassle of incorrect claim details being captured
  • The ability to directly call service providers and customers from the claim itself to avoid switching between platforms and devices, creating a the single-channel approach
  • Location routing and navigation from the claim to organize your route to create the best use of your time on the road and at the assessment location

In future releases, we are excited to continue working on advanced features, including damage classification by image capture, and the consistent image capture and data quality supported by our latest mobile solutions. Our new creations are a stepping stone to continuously add value to our insurers, assessors, service providers and the end customers.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce the number of touchpoints your assessors need to complete to get the job done – check out our mobile assessor app today and ask us for a demo today!

By Danni Robson, Head of Product, Arnie – Yarris Technologies

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