Assessment management and vehicle valuations

Make faster, better motor claim decisions

Inaccurate valuation, assessment delays and prolonged claim settlements can cause headaches for auto insurers, leading to increasing costs, customer dissatisfaction and compliance issues. Arnie solves these challenges with a single, streamlined place for managing valuations and assessments.

Vehicle valuations made easy

Up-to-date information at your fingertips

With so many makes and models of vehicle and multiple sources of information, valuation can be time consuming for assessors. We partner with some of the best vehicle data providers in the world, including AutoGrab and Glass’s Guide, to create up-to-date parts lists and valuation guides.

Insurers can rapidly determine the value of a policyholder’s vehicle, comparing it in real-time against parts price lists and repair quotes from service providers.

Together, Arnie’s features enable auto insurers to make better decisions about the economic feasibility of repairing a vehicle versus writing it off, streamlining the claims management process and delivering a faster result to the policyholder.

Conduct virtual assessments

Assess from anywhere, any time

Arnie helps insurers keep on top of expanding caseloads and service areas with powerful virtual assessment capabilities.

Our platform’s cloud-based, multi-device architecture enables insurers to remotely communicate with assessors in the field, uploading photographs and claims data in real-time to a secure, centralized database.

Arnie helps businesses reach further into rural and remote areas than ever before, empowering them to deliver the same sterling standard of customer service to every policyholder – no matter where they garage their car.

Arnie Assessor mobile

Easily navigate auto claims

Arnie’s Assessor mobile is a cloud-based app which allows you to use Arnie on any mobile device to manage day-to-day functions.

The interface offers the full functionality of the desktop application on iPad and other devices, eliminating the need for assessors to return to base for administrative work, maximizing efficiency, and speeding the claims process.

Assessors can capture images by selecting damaged panels, call repairers or customers directly from their mobiles or quickly navigate to the vehicle location.

Intelligent document management

Leverage AI-powered search

An intelligent document management system means that all documents and images relating to a claim are quickly and easily stored against the relevant file and rapidly retrieved through deep, AI-powered search.

The result? A shorter, straighter line between your team in the field and your team in the office, delivering a better, faster result for your clients.

Save time and effort administering claims

The all-in-one solution

Reducing the administrative burden of time-consuming vehicle valuations, manual document management and on-site claims assessment puts more time into your team’s day.

More time means team members can focus on high-value work such as complex claim assessments and delivering superior service to policyholders.

Team members can process a higher volume of claims, all while cutting out the frustration and boredom of repetitive administrative work. Enjoy a more productive, engaged and positive workforce while reducing overhead.

Take back control of your claims process

Simplify your motor claims management processes with software built from the ground up for insurers, assessors, repairers and their customers. Enquire today.