Arnie’s intuitive features simplify claims processing

Streamlining claims handling from start to finish

Inaccurate valuation, assessment delays and prolonged claim settlements can cause headaches for auto insurers, leading to increasing costs, customer dissatisfaction and compliance issues. Arnie solves these challenges with a single, streamlined place for managing valuations and assessments.

Take the stress out of auto claim management

Reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction

Our software is designed to make auto claims handling seamless and stress-free. Our intuitive features empower you to handle claims transparently, reduce errors, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Keep track of every claim effortlessly with real-time updates and notifications. Arnie provides a clear overview of claim status, helping you stay organized and keep customers updated at each step of the process.

Discover the power of Arnie’s features

Enjoy a smooth user experience that enables you to focus on what matters most—resolving claims efficiently. Experience the ease of managing auto claims with user-friendly features, designed to improve your workflow. Let Arnie handle the complexities, so you can focus on delivering exceptional service to your customers.

Claims tracking

Many motor insurers struggle to maintain visibility into the status and progress of claims. Managing manual processes and systems that don’t talk to each other can be time consuming and prone to errors.

Designed for end-to-end claims process management from lodgement to resolution, Arnie ensures you always know where a claim is in your organization’s workflows by receiving updates in real-time from third party systems including your repair network.

Repair process management

With Arnie’s end-to-end repair management software you can easily obtain repair quotes, automatically compare to industry benchmark costs and know exactly how repairs are progressing once you’ve authorised the job.

Supplementary and sublet repairers are also managed in Arnie for quality data and reporting using selected or recommended repairers in your network.


We utilize process automation to reduce manual processes, saving time and improving output. Our Recoveries Pack Generator collates the necessary information to send directly to a third party to proceed with recoveries and settlements.

Reducing unnecessary administration puts more time in your team’s day, so they can redirect their effort on more complex negotiations.

Cloud-based architecture

Managing your claims in the cloud with Arnie provides a single point of truth for all working on one claim. Whether you’re on the road, working from home or in the office, Arnie’s document storage system makes it easy for everyone to find the files they need.

Operating entirely online, working with Arnie cloud-based motor insurance software secures your data and makes it easier to find again, better than ever before.

Assessment management

Whether your business decides a digital or onsite assessment is required, Arnie is able to identify and allocate your jobs automatically based on capacity, job weighting and availability.

Capture all necessary assessment documents, images and information all within one app and rapidly determine the likely outcome of the claim before assigning to the best service provider to manage the next stage in the claim.

Document management

Improve operational efficiency and client satisfaction by having access to all the claim information you need in one place. Assessors and claim handlers have the ability to add, edit, share images and documents with other claim collaborators.

In a paperless environment, increase the efficiency and productivity of your assessment and claim handling functions with systematic version control and multi-level controlled access.

The motor insurance software solution you’re waiting for…

Arnie’s cloud based platform is perfectly positioned to help organizations and insurance professionals address the evolving challenges of the motor insurance industry.

And the best part? We provide on-going support to users so they can pass on an unrivalled level of service to customers.