Virtual assessments: Are the days of in-person vehicle assessments gone?

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, 3D modelling, process automation, digitalization, virtual claims handling and no-touch integrations all sound pretty exciting, right? Perhaps not for our assessors and repairers in the motor claims industries.

Will I still have a job? If I am still going to have a job, what will my job look like with the advancements of assessing? How can I prepare myself for the future as an assessor? Are the days of in-person vehicle assessments gone? 

These are all questions on the minds of industry experts. Particularly those who have invested most of their professional lives in repairs, assessing and other essential services when it comes to handling motor vehicle claims. 

We don’t expect that in-person vehicle assessments will be redundant any time soon. The capabilities of virtual assessments and the technology advancements we see rapidly increasing will most likely see a reduction of in-person assessments for those simpler claims and repair jobs. Claims which are under a threshold, type of damage or vehicle which are deemed the least complex and ultimately the least likely to uncover any surprises at the point of an in-person vehicle assessment. 

Prestige vehicles, veteran or vintage vehicles, advanced driver-assistance systems, electric and fuel cell electric vehicles are just a few of the scenarios where virtual assessments and AI are yet to evolve, learn and improve for both insurers and repairers to confidently rely on virtual assessment accuracy. 

Arnie’s cloud-based virtual assessment capabilities empower organizations to scale-up with fluctuating case loads, while balancing claim costs for insurers and strengthening trustworthy relationships with our repairers and suppliers. To read more about Arnie’s virtual assessments, check out our website:

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