How vehicle insurers can cut costs

Vehicle insurers will constantly be looking for ways to reduce their ongoing expenses at every stage of their internal operations. While there is a myriad of different legislative and operational consequences that affect vehicle insurance, operators will still need to be sure they are cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

The cost of providing insurance products across different parts of Australia has also been underscored by recent research published by CANSTAR. The organisation found there were considerable differences in premium cost between each state, with NSW drivers paying the most and Tasmanian drivers the least.

There are many different components of premium cost, a significant portion will be from the administrative responsibilities that insurers have to deal with, along with the expense of managing vehicle repairs.

This is where technology like Yarris’ Arnie platform can benefit insurers, allowing insurers to improve their operations, become more profitable and providing an opportunity to pass these savings on to motorists.

How can Arnie help insurers cut costs?

An innovative platform like Arnie from Yarris offers a number of opportunities to cut costs and improve their operations. Among the benefits are:

  • Panel management services make it easy to secure the right cost for repair work.
  • Streamlined incident management increases the speed at which claims can be processed.
  • Benchmarking for repair work to ensure it is fair and reasonable for the work required.
  • Paperless systems removes the need for expensive physical document management and storage.
  • Subscription payment model which eliminates the commitment to a large, up-front cost for software.

Of course, lower costs are just one of the benefits that an innovative cloud marketplace like Yarris’ Arnie platform can provide to insurers. To learn more about the advantages this technology can offer, you can download our brochure here.

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