OCR: Our latest in Arnie’s scalable solutions

Picture this. You work in an insurance company and handle your insurance customer’s motor vehicle claims day-to-day. Their vehicle is repairable and their claim has been accepted. You’ve received three quotes for repairs from three different repairers. 

There’s an invoice for a tow company who transported the vehicle from the scene to the nearest repairer. There’s another invoice for a tow from the initial repairer to the chosen repairer. You also have an invoice from a hire car company to keep your customer moving whilst their vehicle is being repaired. 

Now you have to manually enter all of this information into your claim management system, and possibly even other systems in your ecosystem to progress the customer’s claim and have their vehicle repaired…. Not with Arnie’s OCR. 

Optical character recognition (OCR) is an AI technology that electronically reads characters in a document and converts them into machine text. For Arnie claims management software that means automating a large number of invoices in multiple file formats, from PDF to scanned documents, across hundreds of external companies. 

With insurance claims processing, invoices are generally sent from external companies to itemize and record a transaction between the buyer and the seller. In this case, the buyer is the insurance company and the seller is the repairer, parts provider or other sublet provider involved in the handling of a motor vehicle claim. 

OCR significantly reduces the amount of manual processing of not only invoices, but potentially all of the documents currently manually entered into the claim job. Insurers are seeing increased productivity, compliance, auditability, accuracy, and most importantly, speeding up the time to process a motor vehicle claim as a result of not having to manually process documents. 

Picture a world of no-touch, simple claims with automation, AI and happier insurance customers.

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