What makes a good software solution?

In a world with a myriad of software and software as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for almost anything, often it can be challenging to identify what actually makes a strong and captivating product. Gone are the days of basic functionality, generic ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions and their fluffy product roadmaps. Customers and vendors expect a top-notch product with a dedicated team who understand their business challenges from the outset. Good software is focused on creating solutions for complex business problems.

So what actually makes a good product? 

Security: robust protocols and exceptional standards

In a world with data quickly becoming one of our most precious resources and assets, security is paramount. A security breach can be catastrophic for businesses and their end users, and creates serious questions about a product’s ability to adequately handle important data from each client. At Yarris Technologies, we are certified in SOC2 and ISO 27001 demonstrating our commitment to robust security frameworks. We prioritize and maintain security  processes and procedures to create confidence for our partners, clients and vendors. Good software is only as good as its ability to be secure.

Adaptability: a culture of continuous innovation, experimentation and improvement 

The world of software was a very different place just ten years ago. The advent of mobile phones for consumers and advanced software platforms for businesses hyper accelerated the digitization of almost every personal and business process. In response to these changes software has adapted and evolved alongside our hardware advances. This is also the case with the Anie claims management solution which simplifies the process of managing insurance claims and repairer management. With our focus on continuous improvement, Yarris Technologies challenges the status quo, and reinvents business processes using AI and machine learning technologies. These efforts enable us to deliver powerful solutions to our clients.

Research: no research without action and no action without research

At Yarris Technologies, we constantly examine, refine and explore trends arising in personal lines of insurance, particularly in claims handling. We help our clients with their business challenges and objectives, and understand the importance of continuously staying on top of trends, both business and consumer related, to ensure our clients and partners work alongside us to deliver powerful and meaningful outcomes. We love all things learning and welcome the idea of working with key players in the industry to form exciting insights!

Support: dedicated customer support methodology

We covered some important facets of successful software solutions, but none of them would be effective without listening to feedback from our clients and partners. We welcome all types of feedback, as we deliver better outcomes for all by being explorative and inquisitive, not traditionalist. 

We incorporate world-class customer support and communication methodologies into our product roadmaps, strategic goals and partnership strategies, enabling our partners and enterprise clients to reap the rewards of our continuous improvement. We’ve had a decade of experience in supporting our enterprise clients, delivering on average a 99.94% uptime over the last 10 years, and response windows within five seconds 99.85% of the time. Our continuous focus on support and client satisfaction has lead us to produce meaningful results with all our partners and our customers.

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