Improving the client experience for vehicle insurers

The vehicle insurance sector is seeing considerable change in response to new technologies. As well as developments like driverless cars and improved safety features, the insurance industry itself seen a number of new developments.

One area that is seeing continued focus is the client experience, as insurers reevaluate the way they manage the relationship with clients to improve transparency. This is taking place at every stage of the relationship, from first entering into a policy with a vehicle owner, through to management of a claim when it arises.

To realise this benefit, vehicle insurers are now using innovative programs like Arnie from Yarris. This innovative e-procurement solution allows vehicle insurers to manage the claims process through a single platform. As well as improving oversight from a manager, this software can provide frontline staff with the information they need to improve customer service.

How are client demands changing the insurance sector?

Technology is fundamentally changing the relationship insurers have with insured individuals, with many customers now empowered to expect more from the services they access.

Driving this change is a general unhappiness among insurance clients with the state of the sector. According to research from Capgemini, only 29 per cent of policyholders are happy with the service from their current provider. The research also cited the digital disruption the sector is now seeing as a major development shaping the industry.

Improving the customer experience with Arnie from Yarris

While the demands of customers are clearly having an effect on the sector, it’s also important to revise internal structures that can facilitate a better relationship with clients. By utilizing Arnie internally, client-facing staff can access detailed information on a claim’s status.

This is useful when first lodging and assessing a claim but the real benefit arises when work moves to a third-party repair provider following an accident. Through the Arnie platform, insurers can access updates on an individual claim’s status and provide these to the client.

Finally, Yarris’ Arnie platform also allows insurers to survey customers on their performance, information that can be used to further improve the client experience. Utilizing this software allows vehicle insurers to create a continuous loop of feedback to benefit their organization, while also providing effective oversight of the entire claims process.

The benefits of Arnie

Arnie allows insurers to expedite crucial processes once vehicle accidents occur, improving transparency and accountability. They can also take advantage of competitive quotes from various repairers, helping lower operating costs.

Invoices can be submitted and approved within the system, while discrepancies are automatically highlighted and reported to cost control and accounts payable departments for adjustment or approval.

“Findings from our survey underline the fact that those insurers out in front are embracing technological disruption as a growth opportunity rather than a threat,” said Mr O’Hearn. Ultimately, Arnie is a platform that can help insurers take a huge step forward into the technological age, facilitating key processes in the claims handling and repairs areas of their businesses.

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